Friday, May 8, 2009

So, What Does One Hundred Million Dollars Really Look Like?

One hundred million dollars is a lot of money to most mere mortals.

President Obama and friends are hoping that you never get past that initial emotional reaction.

One hundred million dollars!

That's like winning the Super Lotto five times in a row!

That's three Manny Ramirez salaries--at least when's he's not imbibing in performance-enhancing drugs...

That's, that's...more Ferrari's than can be driven in a lifetime!

But what is it, in proportion to the US Federal budget?

A clever young man has given us the best demonstration of all.

Gruff old Senator Everett Dirksen once growled during a 1960's budget debate, 'A few billion here, a few billion there, and pretty soon, it adds up to real money!'

Indeed it does.

And Obama plans to exponentially expand spending.

We are looking at 50 Trillion (with a T!--that means 'thousand billion') in unfunded obligations, with Medicare, Social Security, and further entitlements. Spending already promised, already in the pipeline.

So, how much is one hundred million dollars?

Just enough to insult our intelligence.

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