Sunday, May 24, 2015

Prince Charles Shakes Gerry Adams' Hand: Peter Hitchens Asks Uncomfortable Questions

OS is completely unsuitable for membership in the Royal Family. How does he arrive at this profound insight, the gentle reader asks....

Well, Gentle Reader: If my uncle had been murdered, along with two children, by Irish terrorists, I don't think I'd be shaking hands with one of the people who prominently cheered the event, and subsequent events like unto it. Especially if there was never a hint of a subsequent apology.

Call me, well, simple-minded. I just wouldn't have any desire to make small talk over G&T's with such a man.

HItchens, as always, is much more eloquent.

I have more than once refused to shake Mr Adams’s hand. That was more than 20 years ago, when I asked him some awkward questions during his visits to the USA, so much so that, on the one occasion we were alone together, he made his strong displeasure very clear (in public he always feigned friendliness). Not long afterwards he called for me to be ‘decommissioned’. I suspect he’s not the only person who has hoped for this.

By contrast, Prince Charles (who had read one of my books) once expressed an interest in meeting me, and I was alerted to expect an invitation. But the future King was scared off by his advisers, who said it would do him grave harm if it ever got out. Well now look who he’s meeting, and being praised for it, too.

How strange to live in a country where the heir to the throne would rather publicly clasp the hand of a Republican apologist for political murder than privately meet a loyal patriot and monarchist. But there it is. Nothing is but what is not. We must learn to live our lives backwards, sideways, every way but straightforwardly.

Those are chilling words, that final sentence. But there they are, and they do ring true...

BTW, OS is also unsuitable for life around Westminster and Downing Street.  Turns out, Her Majesty's government has spent the ensuing years since Mountbatten's murder deliberately not pursuing the perpetrators...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Boris Johnson For President--He Actually Confronts The Apologists For Jihadi John!

If only we could bring back the days of Lend-Lease, and lease Boris for about a decade.

He knows how to run a complex London, one of the world's most complex cities.

He also knows up from down, right from wrong, and he won't allow people to piss on his shoes and claim it's raining.

Witness this conversation between Boris and Mr. Asim Quereshi, spokesman for a 'human rights' group in the UK named Cage, who referred to Jihadi John as a 'beautiful person', and blamed his horrific behaviour on alllll those baaaaaad raaaacist people in the UK who made poor John feel unwelcome as he studied for his degree at one of the great universities of London. Poor, poor boy...he was driven I say, driven!, to murder innocents on camera and publish his exploits to the world. Of course Beautiful John did wear a mask throughout...

Mr. Quereshi is offended that Boris would call him out for defending Beautiful Jihadi John and his beautiful murders. The cell phone Mr. Q uses breaks up a bit, so the transcript is below. Thanks to The Telegraph for publishing, btw.

Boris Johnson confronts Asim Qureshi – the full transcript
Asim Qureshi from Cage
Boris over the last couple of days you have said a lot of things about my organisation. I feel that our opinions on this matter have been somewhat unfairly represented. What this young man has done is absolutely horrific.
Boris Johnson
It's important that you should get this out there, because it wasn't entirely clear.
I have to say what moved me to anger is the thought you were claiming that the fault for the radicalisation of this young guy lay with the security services.
I watched you explain how he had been seeking a 'career overseas' and had been impeded. Actually he was going off to join a terrorist group in Somalia.
I really, really think that the focus of your indignation and your outrage should be on people who go out to join groups that throw gays off cliffs, that behead people who don't subscribe to their version of Islam, that glorify in the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers.
They should be the object of your wrath, not the security services who are trying to keep us safe.
I urge you more powerfully to differentiate between people like Mr Emwazi and ordinary Muslims and not cry Islamophobia when people criticise, attack, denounce those who engage in such atrocities.
Asim Qureshi
You don't need to do that, the whole of the Muslim community is against these kind of people.
Boris Johnson
I watched you very carefully and you were asked several times to condemn and denounce what Mr Emwazi had been doing.
You started off by instantly drawing comparisons with Tony Blair and Dick Cheney and all sorts of other irrelevant nonsense.
If you are going to have an impact on the lives on the minds of young Muslims you have got to focus on what these people are doing wrong and not immediately start scattering blame around. You have got to focus on what they have got wrong about Islam.
Asim Qureshi
We never said he was radicalised by MI5 to commit beheadings.
Boris Johnson
You did say that.
Asim Quereshi
I said we want to understand whether or not security agencies, their actions led to him feeling that he is not part of UK society.
Boris Johnson
I just feel you have got it 100 per cent the wrong way up. The security services are trying to keep us safe. They cannot conceivably be blamed.
If you are a human rights group funded by charity then you should be sticking up for the human rights of those being beheaded in Syria and Northern Iraq, that should be the focus of your concern.

BTW, ya'll: The argument that Mr. Quershi advances is the very same one used to excuse the Boston Marathon bombers, and a variant (involving that 'offensive' video) was used to excuse the Benghazi murderers. Same playbook, identical story line, always advanced by Muslim jihadists and the American Left--beginning with our current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Such A Deal!! Trinidad and Tobago Offers To Swap Toilet Paper For Venzuelan Oil

The inevitable consequence of Venezuelan Chavismo Economics…

From Bloomberg:

Venezuela, plagued with shortages of basic goods, was offered a reprieve by the Prime Minister of neighboring Trinidad & Tobago: exchange oil for tissue paper.
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar suggested an oil-for-tissue swap in a news conference Tuesday following a meeting in Port of Spain with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. She said the deal would benefit both countries.
“The concept of commodity sharing is simple -– the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will purchase goods identified by the Government of Venezuela from T&T’s manufacturers, such as tissue paper, gasoline, and parts for machinery,” Persad-Bissessar said.
In Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves, citizens line up outside supermarkets for hours seeking a bag of clothing detergent, toilet paper or cooking oil. Price controls and a lack of dollars for importers have emptied stores of many basic goods, a situation Maduro blames on hoarders conducting an “economic war” against his socialist government.
Officials at Venezuela’s Information Ministry declined to comment.


No surprise there. What can you say, without looking even more ridiculous than the moment before you open your mouth?

But, OS wishes to offer a comment:

The American Left, including Himself and Mizz Hillary just looooooove Chavez's model. They fell all over themselves to accommodate the Castro regime last month. 

The formula is simple: corruption which creates poverty which feeds corruption with feeds poverty. Anyone who disagrees is an extremist, a hoarder, a saboteur. Not too long before the police arrive in the night to disappear these pesky types. 

Argentina under Peronismo, anyone? Mizz Hillary thinks Argentina is just the bomb, can't wait to throw the Falkland Islanders under the bus of Argentinian chaos.

So, when we run out of toilet paper, with whom will be be able to barter, and with what?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

When Even Chris 'Thrill Up My Leg' Matthews Is Incredulous, Duh' Prezident Has Lost His Last Shred Of Credibility

Chris Matthews listens incredulously while some blondie 30-something with an East Coast Liberal Arts Degree Paid For By Grandaddy's Trust Fund patiently explains that if all those 17-year-old Muslim boys just had good jobs or the ability to start their own businesses--well then all our ISIS troubles would just melt away. He can't believe what he's hearing, and for the first time in his groveling career, actually grows a pair and seriously questions one of Massah Obama's minions. Blondie does not fare well…

OS listens incredulously, because he remembers how Massah Obama's sycophants excoriated Condaleeza Rice for outlining her own vision for fundamental transformation of the Middle East. They, including Matthews, were merciless toward her, and their contempt was directed at her very person.

At least her boss, with all his faults, did have an understanding of who Islamic Jihadists are, and that often the solution is to kill them, and always to identify who they are by what drives their behaviors.

When he left office, Iraq was a highly imperfect situation with some real pockets of hope. Syria was rein by a repressive dictator who basically kept himself to himself--a bad guy, but not a daily source of crisis. Libya was run by an egomaniac, but it was not in chaos. Ditto Egypt. Not a great situation, but not in complete chaos.

If Blondie is the best this administration can recruit, and her vision of a McDonald's job for every young jihadist is the best idea they can float, then all of us everywhere are in a boatload of trouble. And the people most at risk from the jihadists are young women, at the mercy of a violent ideology that looks upon them as chattel.

Of course, that little fact wasn't covered in the Wimmen's Studies curriculum of her  East Coast Liberal Arts Degree Paid For By Grandaddy's Trust Fund…therefore not worthy of consideration.

Heaven help us. Our President is useless at best, and we have two more years of Himself ahead of us.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

To Shoot Or Not To Shoot: Maricopa Sheriff's Department Puts A 'Reverend' Behind The Badge...

It looks so easy, doesn't it? How could that baaaaad policeman have possibly shot that 'unarmed' man?

After weeks of taking flak, the Maricopa (AZ) Sheriff's Department invites The Reverend Jarrett Maupin to man up and go through three 'Shoot/No Shoot' scenarios. Additionally, a local TV journalist accepts the  same invitation.

It's an enlightening five minutes of video…

Each of them die once, kill an unarmed suspect once, and subdue a suspect with great difficulty once, only to find a large knife on that person.

It all happens so quickly. No Hollywood slo-mo here. Lives on the line, decisions to be made. No one to yell 'CUT!' and re-film the scene, to film it from ten different angles and cut it together in editing.

None of that.

Notice how one scenario resembles events in Ferguson.

HT Second City Cop

Friday, January 9, 2015

If The Islamic Terrorists Win, Here Is A Short List Of What We And Our Children Lose

As horrific as yesterday's attacks were, it was still not enough to prompt Himself, recipient of The Nobel Peace Prize, The Wan, The Here Where The Buck Never Stops, Duh Prez--to simply state the obvious: The massacre was carefully planned, and effectively carried out by Islamic Terrorists.

C'mon, Mr. President, you can form the words. 'Islamic Terrorists'.

Can you say 'Islamic Terrorists'? I knew you could.

At least Mr. Rogers was always careful to let small children know when he was entering the Land of Make-Believe, and when he was coming back to reality. Barack Hussein Obama hasn't gotten the memo yet: He's still in Make-Believe and the land of reality is what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the streets of Paris--and Boston.

So, if he, and we insist that there is no Islamic terrorism, that the Islamists are just misunderstood souls not really bent on taking over as large a swath of the world as possible, they will win.

So, in preparation for the day, let's prepare our hearts and minds for those things we will be giving up tomorrow, because today we and our leaders refuse to name things for what they are, and act accordingly.

1. Music. Wherever these monsters take over, music goes away. So, let's enjoy a bit while we can:

By the way, that lady conductor? She's toast, along with all those lady musicians.

2. Churches. And Christians. And anyone else who doesn't see the world just like the Islamists see the world.  The link takes you to the foundation that supports Father Andrew White, the 'Vicar of Baghdad'. Let him tell you what has happened to the Christians of Iraq. No need to take OS's word for it.

3. Jews. No need for a link here. Look it up for yourself. Hitler and Goebbels were just the warm-up act for these guys, if they get their way. And the shame of it is, the American Left, including the Presbyterian Church USA, is holding the coats of these murderers.

4. Women living their lives in the open, with educations, careers--not living as the chattel of Islamist men. Someone please explain why so-called 'feminists' like Hillary and Miz Nancy Pelosi are not standing on every desk in every office of anyone who wields influence, demanding the destruction of each and every adherent of triumphalist Islam. Who or what blinded them, or bought them off?

5. A world where pedophilia is not taboo. The tradition of child brides is alive and well in Saudi Arabia, and let us not forget Boko Haram--who kidnap little girls and subjugate them into forced marriages. 

Need we continue?

Yesterday's horror was just a little test sortie by the Islamists. They're just checking to see who will stand up, and who will shrink back.

At the very least, we should call Islamic Terrorism by its true name. We might even getting around to shutting down the accelerating and uncontrolled emigration of millions from the Islamic world into the United States, and the swift deportation of those who cooperate with the monsters.

At the very least, it would be a start.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Tale Of Two Midwestern Cities, Of Murdered Children, Of Cries For Revenge And Stone Silence

It's painful to watch the Michael Brown funeral, but here it is, in all its YouTube Glory.

The Sharpton excerpts widely broadcast are inflammatory enough, but the real damage to the body politic may well come from the eulogy delivered by Brown's uncle, Charles Ewing, misusing the Genesis story of Cain and Abel, and blood 'crying from the ground for vengeance'. The terms 'justice' and 'vengeance' seem to be equivalent: Justice=Vengeance=Justice.

Uncle Charles claimed divine inspiration, a special 'word' from the Holy Spirit, in effect ascribing canonical weight to his words, i.e. to claim: 'The Holy Spirit who guided the words of Isaiah and Paul now guides my words'. This is a terrible slippery slope, especially with a grieving family on the front row, a body in a coffin, and cameras carrying the Reverend's words to the world.

The Reverend Uncle also drew a broad analogy between young Mr. Brown, who died at noon, and Christ himself, crucified at noon. A terrible, tragic slippery slope upon which to perch a family.

And here's why: We don't exactly know what happened in that encounter that Saturday noon, and this side of the pearly gates, probably won't. All that is known with complete certainty is that young Mr. Brown is dead, and that Officer Wilson fired the shots that ended his life.

What if it does turn out, after three autopsies, much investigation, mounds of evidence gathered and gone over, that young Mr. Brown, Mike-Mike The Gentle Giant, had indeed stolen that box of cigars and assaulted the clerk, as is caught on camera? That will tarnish the memory and reputation of the young man, who was dearly loved by his now heartbroken parents. This is not fair to them, it increases their pain.

What if it does turn out, after three autopsies, etc, that Mr. Brown was the aggressor, and regrettably Officer Wilson felt he had no recourse but to fire? If the evidence shows that this tragedy was the result of Mr. Brown's aggression toward Officer Wilson, what then constitutes justice? And what then of his family, and all those young people out there convinced of both his martyrdom and sainthood? Who rescues the family from that slippery slope?

Meanwhile, in Chicago, three-year old James Jenkins was critically injured this weekend by the negligent mishandling of his father's handgun.

His father, also James Jenkins, was a felon on parole, prohibited from having a gun.

This was but one tragedy--some 40 shootings in Chicago in the same weekend. Mainly black teenagers. We should not expect to seeing Rev. Jackson or Rev. Sharpton at any of those services, and our 'I-am-Trayvon' President has his hands full between rounds of golf and watching the jihadists conquer the Tripoli airport.

Things have gone seriously upside down, OS fears. Obvious senseless murder is now treated as routine, while a tragic death that occurs in the fog of conflict on the street becomes the occasion of the worst sort of demagoguery.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mr. Obama's 'JV Team', aka ISIL, Captures Major Airbase In Syria

Remember, just because you wear a Kobe Bryant jersey...

And, to counterbalance all this unpleasantry--at least we can rejoice that the President's golf game is flourishing. Why, even this morning, ABC News pointed out that Dwight Eisenhower received his share of flak for playing so much golf. Hmmmm, so does that make Himself a President on par with Ike, the man who launched the Normandy invasion. Well, if you work for ABC news, it must...

Meanwhile, in the real world--

From today's UK Telegraph:

Jihadist fighters captured a major military air base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, removing the last government-held post in a province the extremists claim as part of their new "Islamic State". 
The storming of Tabqa air field, a major government military facility containing several squadrons of planes, helicopters, tanks and artillery, is a significant victory for the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
"Some of the Syrian regime troops pulled out, and now the Islamic State is in full control of Tabqa," said Rami Abdurrahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. "This makes Raqqa province the first to fully fall out of government hands."
At least 500 fighters from both sides were reported to have died in the fighting over recent days, with casualties among Isil forces said to be running twice as high as among the government troops. 
There were reports of celebratory gunfire in Raqqa, Isil's central stronghold in Syria, after mosques announced through their loudspeakers that the base had fallen to the Islamists. A witness told the Reuters news agency that fighters displayed the severed heads of Syrian army soldiers in the city square. 

The jihadists, who have grown in strength and numbers throughout Syria's continuing civil war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, are now unchallenged in the north east of the country.
Their control has given them access to the regions plentiful oil resources, from which they generate an estimated monthly income of more than $20 million (£12 million) - enabling them also to sweep into neighbouring Iraq.

Located just 25 miles from Raqqa, Tabqa military base had been besieged for several weeks, forcing the Syrian regime to supply its trapped soldiers by parachute.
In recent days however, Isil stepped up its campaign, dispatching suicide bombers to breach the base's outer wall - including, according to its social media accounts on Friday, Sufian al Omar, a 14-year-old boy who it claimed had joined his father in a "suicide operation" at Tabqa.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Professor Obama Delivers Lecture Notes on the Beheading of Foley---Save His Passion for Golf

Hmmm...Chuck Hegel doesn't think ISIS are 'the JV squad', involved only in local rivalries...

The spooky thing about Obama's response to the Foley beheading is not the text of the statement Himself read, but rather the diffident way in which The One delivered it. He read it in the tone of a bored college professor irritated that his summer vacation was much too short, announcing calendar events to a class full of students signed up for a seminar he had long ago lost interest in teaching.

Contrast that to his tone of voice out on the stump, vilifying and ridiculing any who dare disagree with his vision of Hope-n-Change. He's a different guy there, energized, earnest, on fire.

Not a note of that passion as he addressed a shocked nation about the horrible death of one of its hint of it.

Then off to the golf course, where Himself found His mojo once more.

David Cameron, upon learning that a British subject had likely committed that murder, cancelled his vacation and set about the task of hunting this monster down.

Obama made his tee time. First things first, you know...